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Soaking Wet Kids Sale

2/21/13 Looking for an inexpensive goat herd? here you go:
Hello folks,
    I mentioned my upcoming dilemma last fall when all nine of my does appeared to have been bred at once. Well, it has happened just as predicted… I’ve been dealing with freshening does since last Friday, and the associated bottle feeding of multiple kids.
Since I raise dairy goats for the milk and cheese sales, it’s counter productive to be feeding all that good milk to the babies – so for the next week, I’m offering to part with any and all of these nipple siphons for $50 each. They’re from American registered Toggenburg does or American registered Saanen does sired by an unregistered Toggenburg buck. Take your pick from doelings or bucklings! As time goes on and they consume more of my profits, their price will be rising.
Allan Mistler